Patient with injury in the perineum

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Patient Name: Jameel Zaffer (Iraq)

The patient I would like to share with you the most satisfying result in my surgical career till now.

He was a victim of war, working for Iraq Military force sustained Blast injury in the perineum.

His injury was so severe that he underwent life saving surgery at Baghdad 2006, unfortunately he ended up with passing motion from abdomen, urine and semen from the perineum.

He underwent 4 surgeries at Jordan2006, Cairo2007 and London2008.

But all failed.

As a last resort he visited us in Dec 2009 where we operated upon him for 12 Hours where I reconstructed his Rectum by colonic pull thro corrected the Prostatorectal fistulae and did complex Graclis flap.

At the end of this complex procedure he did beyond our expectations and was discharged in 3 weeks time and went back to Baghdad with smiling face and sweet memories satisfied.

Complex Surgeries performed:

Dr. Deepak has presented 27 papers on scientific sessions of national and International Conferences.

March 4, 2014

Dr. Deepak Bolbandi is one of the scientific board advisors for a leading Implant Company. His innovations and ideas are incorporated for designing modern day’s stents and guide wires which are commonly used in urology practice everyday.

March 4, 2014

He is currently the Honorary Secretary for Bangalore Urological Society; Urological Society of India and Karnataka. He is also an associate member of Singapore Urological society.

March 4, 2014

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